Baked apple chips

A great snack for the time need a ‘sugar/sweet’ hit

Baked apple Chips

Very simple to make, great to get the kids to help too

I normally cut up a few apples at a time
What you need is

2 – 3 apple
An oven
Cookie sheet/grease proof paper
An oven tray
An oven
A knife

Do not preheat the oven
Cut the the stork and ‘tail‘ out of the apples
Then cut the apples so you have the core parallel to the work surface,photo

one you find the pips just knock them out gently and place the apple slices on the lined oven tray,once the oven tray is full of all the apple slices turn the oven on to 200oc for about 20mins ( I have a fan oven)
so you might need to alter the time/length of cooking), once they are cooked I then leave them in the oven to cold down for about 20mins ( with the oven turned off)

Enjoy you snack

You can add your own seasoning to the apple chips like sugar, cinnamon or anything you like 🙂 , I prefer them plain as I think they are sweet enough for my needs photo


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