Halloween treats

pumpkin catIt’s Halloween if you hadn’t of guess , it the same to make odd shaped in to large pumpkin monsteroversize orange vegetables , but with the shape making ventures you get the pumpkins seed which make very tasty snack in deed, So off i go to find a plan to make harvest and roast these little darling, Off I trawl looking at all my available websites and came up with Real Food. Real Deals website for Savory Roasted Pumpkin seed. I didn’t uses the same ‘spice mix’ but i did uses plenty of salt and pepper a tiny bit of mild chilli and with was washed down with a soya milk hot Chocolate just what the doctor ordered.

The two pictures above are of my creation this year pumpkin cat and Frankenstein pumpkin.

To Help celebrate the season (whether you do Halloween or not) it’s great to embrace the uses of in-season veg which the pumpkin is at this time of the year. Here is a few recipes and idea to help you along and boy, do they look scrummy Pumpkin gluten free search at foodgawker.