21 again!

My first birthday as GF, very interesting indeed, I made myself a gf carrot cake , once I find the link to it I shall post it up for all to see. I was also treated to a meal out. Unfortunately we don’t have any fancy restaurants nearby that can do gf and dairy free so I had a treat of  at my local McD of the grilled chicken and salad It does state in the food guide that it doesn’t contain  gluten, and it does contain milk but I have found that I am ok with this (each person is different and the staff must be pretty good at cleaning up in this fast food joint), I have heard so many stories about restaurants.

Any way back to the matter in hand we still have plenty of left overs from Halloween I don’t nor all bother adding extra stuff for the 1st,

Here is a love arty picture of my birthday cake
Here’s to many more satisfied bellies ( and as little as possible gluten and/or dairy related problems)