Classic slow cooker meal

The slow cooker should be every person’s best friend in the kitchen, chuck everything in and cook

There is a a big thing in this house to whether the resulting meal is a casserole or a soup, me being welsh with all my heritage I would call it a chunky soup but my Scottish hubby would call it a casserole.

Anywho here is my dinner for today ( started yesterday, but that will depend on the food you use)

  • •Stock or stock cubes (amount will depend on the size of slow cooker you have), I uses about two of my home made stock cubes ( that a whole other post! which can be found here )
  • 1 bag of stew vegetables you can get them frozen or fresh, the fresh bag would need to be top and tail led,peeled and chopped in the rough square.
  • Stew-able meat this time I have chopped four pork loin steaks up
  • This time i used half a tin of chop tomatoes (left over from pizza sauce making) and half a packet of red lentils  (approx 200g).

Once you are happy with sizes of everything throw all the ingredient in to the slow cooker, plus enough hot/boiling water to cover the contents and place the lid on and turn to low ( if doing it the night before) Or high ( on the same day).

Once everything is cooked you can enjoy in a bowl with a nice bit of bread (gf, of course!)

Just a few tips:~

  • you can add extras like chickpea, butter beans or even Lentils but I would avoid leafy greens as they can taint the contents very easily.
  • you don’t need to uses meat in this dish either.
  • A great dish for using left over meat and veg

Slow cooker meal:)photo

Here is the before and after photo for you too look at 🙂


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