Chicken rice tomato too ~ This is always a winning combination in my household

Rice , chicken and Tom dinner for blog post

250g cooked skin less bones chicken
500g white rice
1 400g of tinned chopped tomato
1 bolognese sauce jar (440g)

  • I cook the chicken for about 30/40 mins, normaly from frozen chicken mixed portions, I pull the meat from the bone and remove the skin (I don’t uses the skin or bone in this but I do put them in with the chicken bit box for stock to uses later)
  • I chop up the chicken in to ‘bite’ size pieces and put it to one side.
  • Cook up the rice and drain.
  • Put the contents of the tomato tin and bolognese sauce in the saucepan , fill up the empty tomato tin with water , swirl it around and clean both the tin and jar then tip the water in to the saucepan as-well
  • Mix up all the ingredient in to the saucepan and serve in to bowls.