Happy Birthday , Again already!

November is a busy month for Birthday , I loose count of all the birthday in this Month for the family, but a week after mine is my oldest step -son so it birthday mode again ,

This time I thought I would uses a new recipe so i found one (well two to be truthfull) on the back of the flour packet here it is it didn’t rise very high so not really possible to cut in half for the layered sponge style, the top has melted chocolate on top with lettered icing ( i can’t eat this cake as i couldn’t at the time find any ‘dairy milk free’ chocolate. but i didn’t look very hard to be honest, and had an alternative plan in place anyway for me)

I decided i was going to do a different thing which was there Fairy cakes very easily to adapted to using alternative for the non- dairy option. Which I used Gf flour ,soya marg and rice milk instead, I noticed the egg’s did curdle a bit but they where cold out of the fridge so that might have something to do with it. The covering for the fairy cakes is just icing sugar and food colour Red, Green. The White is actually lemon flavoured with real lemons ! (insert exclaimation point to show off)

My youngest helped which isn’t always the best thing to do but he’s a very strong willed 3 year old !


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