Nom nom salad

Nothing  can be a quick salad this one is made with
•lemon for juice and zest
•balsamic vinegar
•Olive oil
•salt and pepper

Wash all the ingredience, were possible including the lemon, after washing and patting dry,cut up the lettuce,tomato ,celery
Zest the lemon (as small as possible) and cut the lemon in half and squeeze in to a bowl ( with out the pips) add equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Place everything, including the lemon zest in to the bowl and mix everything up, picking up the liquid in the bottom and spoon it over the salad a few times .

You could put the “salad sauce’ in a jam jar and once the lid is screwed on tight shake to mix all the ingredients well.

Possibility here are endless with both the salad ingredients and the salad sauce ingredients, just remember to read the packets for ‘naughties’

you favourite gf/df friendly spice mix or dried herbs

Anyone do anything difference? let me know and i’ll added it.


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