What do you eat?

What are your favourite meals?

As I have only been gf and Df for a few week maybe a month and half it’s more of a case what can I make which I can eat then what I love, but I have really come to love jacket potatoes and slow cooker chicken.

I have a few plans to have a go at some recipes for me to make portion out and freeze which include a big batch of chicken portions so i can warm it up and chuck it in a salad and tinned tomato soup (made from tinned tomato not tomato soup out of a tin)


7 thoughts on “What do you eat?

  1. For an easy dinner with things I can scrounge up in the kitchen, I love making Kimbap, a Korean rice roll (aka “Korean Sushi”). If you like sushi, you would like this. You could put anything you want in the roll that you think would make a good combo, like a rice sandwich. lol I did a post on it on my site. 😀


  2. Would you consider still including raw organic pasture fed butter and/or maybe some kefir made from raw organic milk? Generally people who have a problem with dairy don’t have a problem with these and they are not congesting or mucous forming unlike most dairy, just a thought given the health benefits of both! Gluten free all the way!!


      • Yeah that is understandable, organic items are so much more expensive, it is hard to keep up with everything, I can’t wait til the day I can afford my own house with a bit of land, I would love my own veggie garden and maybe a couple of happy dairy cows so I can get my own farm fresh products, make my own cream, butter, kefir etc. Would be so amazing!!


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