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Get a Fresh Start

Veganism, low fat diets and 100% raw food are all the latest trends. I myself was personally a vegetarian (not a vegan) from the age of 5 after seeing a beast hung up on huge hooks on the farm I was living, my parents for the life of them could not get me to eat meat after this experience. I became very thin and was constantly getting sick (I was however still eating milk, cheese and butter but not the full fat, organic, pasture fed raw kinds) and I hated eggs. When I was a teenager I finally began to eat meat as long as it was “hidden” ie in bolognese, lassagne, burgers, that kind of thing. When I was 18 I was seeing a guy who thought it was ridiculous that I wouldn’t eat a delicious steak or sashimi or lamb chops and made me try them every time…

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