Maltodextrin: Another swear word for ceoliac /gluten intolorance

I’ve notice Maltodextrin starting to appear in to my normally otherwise safe food,

On reading up on this ingredient, ( this is my way of understanding this ingredient, let me know if I am wrong) like flour it can be made out of a multitude of things.
Maltodextrin can be made our of potato, wheat and rice (and most properly other things too) It seems to be used as filler for white foods especially the cheaper end of the market.

The way I understand it is that it is optional to declair which one it has been made out, if the Maltodextrin is made out of a single food sort then it would read Maltodextrin (rice) , or Maltodextrin (wheat) , Maltodextrin ( potato) but if it States that the Maltodextrin is made from wheat then is should declaring that there is or maybe contain gluten.

It‘s a real mind field with this labled ingredience (I was caught out which this myself presently luckly I didn’t have any of it before I noticed it on the list)