Chicken stock

This is the basic “plan” I uses to make chicken stock,

You need the chicken ,veg and water

When ever I have chicken I normal remove the bones before serving this I then put in a tub normally a clean “marg” tub and place in the freezer and add to the tub every time you have chicken bones, innerds or even skin of chicken ( basically) anything you would put in the bin once the meal was done.

I do the same with veg but just give it a good clean to remove and dirt

Once you feel you have enough for a pot you can chuck everything in a pot or slow cooker and add enough water cover everything,bring to the boil and simmer for a few a few hours, once you have that everything is cooked down, you can strain out the ingredient , I let to cool down and remove the fat and store in the freezer in labeled marg tubs (i uses a masking tape and a Cd pen),

You can also make stock cube, if you want too, you can find a how to post here 🙂