St. Andrew‘s day

Ok so first I would like to apologies for not posting in the last couple of days. I had a bad food reaction to Puffed rice of all things ( but I can eat rice cakes from the same brand), also over did it with my running , and killed my back on a stupid bus seat.

Any way back to the matter in hand,
To day is St. Andrew’s day here in bonnie Scotland, so its haggies,neeps and tatties, but unfortunately I am yet to find plain oats that I tolerate ( I can eat oatcakes).

So a little searching on the old inter webs came up with this little website link,

I followed the recipe but left out the oats, not the same as good old haggis but I got to enjoy a great meal with my family, they got proper haggis

Haggis, neeps and tatties
yum yum