Latke ~ gluten free

On facebook i follow a few people some of them post recipes and a recipe for Latke caught my eye but it had an ingredient that i didn’t know what it was so looked I up and I discovered what matzo meal was and that it is a ‘crumbled up wheat cracker’ so not possible for me to uses. so i googled for a substitute and couldn’t find much about it, so the next thing was to google ‘gluten free latke’ why didn’t i do that in the frist place ! , Well here is what I found 🙂

Gluten is my Bitch

You cannot have the Hanukkah without some lovely fried potato pancakes, or as the chosen people call them — latkes. Even though my own Protestant mother used to make potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes (ohemgee, yummm), I’m determined to make these ‘cakes the way my husband usually does: Jewish style.

Now, I’ve fried many a food item in my day, but I took one look at this latke recipe that is naturally gluten-free and I totally do not get how you can make something fry in a patty without flour. Even hash browns at Denny’s come from some kind of super pressing  machine, right? Or something?

Yet I do love a recipe with very few ingredients, and this is all you need: potatoes, onion, salt, water, egg and oil. Oh, and this awesome menorah my two-year-old made in pre-school:

Yes, he does have a gift.

You know…

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3 thoughts on “Latke ~ gluten free

  1. Nice latke recipe! Now I want to eat some 🙂 I think my husband’s family recipe is also gluten-free with just the potatoes, onion, egg, salt & pepper, and oil. No matza or wheat flour. I’ll have to ask his Grandma for the recipe and post it up. It’s funny how she says that the latke has to swim in the oil. lol


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