Beef cobbler

This is another 1st for me

Mince sauce ingredience

750g of minced beef
2 garlic cloves
1 onion
2 tbspoon of flour ( I used rice flour this time)
500g beef stock or about 2 stock cubes
400g of tomatoes ( chopped or plum chopped up is fine)
2 tbspoon of tomato puree ( I really like tomato taste but can be reduced/removed)
150ml of boiling water
1 tbspoon of Worcestershire sauce ( or browning).

Cobbler/ pastry ingredience
225g gf flour
Pinch of salt & pepper
50g butter or dairy alternative
1 egg
3 tbspoon of milk.

Fry ( brown) the garlic and onions, put in the slow cooker, now brown the mince, drain off the fat and add to the slowcooker

Add all the sauce ingredience in to the slow cooker and cook for a few hours until ready ( with the smell that comes from the slow cooker you’ll know it’s cooks!

For the cobbler/pastry
Mix all the dry ingredience in to a bowl and rub in the butter to make bread crumbs, mix up the milk and egg, add to a well in the middle of the bread crumbs and mix together until a dough is formed, once your happy roll it out on to the works top to 1cm thick and cut out with small round (48mm) cookie cutters.

Add the cobblers to the dish about 20 minds before needing to serving.