Macaroni cheese

As i can nolonger have dairy cheese and wheat pasta i thought my days of enjoying Macaronie cheese was over but i didn’t need to fear for long as i have found a local supermarket has started selling dairy free ‘cheese’ in the form of soya mild (it not to bad ) . the next test was to find out want i can and can’t do with this ‘cheese’.

I found that it work well melted on jacket potato and on cheese and even just in a plan sand witch.

As it is the season for Flu and Cold , and i have surcomed to a nasty bout of a heavy cold (2 out of 4 already have it, we me takes the total sofar up to 3 and hubbies not feeling to good either  )i was in need of a good old comfort food.

I was thinking a good old home made soup but i didn’t have the energy to chop the veg so the next best thing is simple Mac & Cheese.

Using left over pasta from yesterday i made up a ‘Cheese sauce’ with dairy free spread, coconut milk, and potato starch and 1/4 of a packet of soya mild (from tesco)

I used potato as i didn’t want an extra taste to the sauce, my taste bud are out of whack with this cold.

Here is what i did to serve 1 person

(approx 50grams)1/4 packet of finally chopped soya mild about (if you can’t do soya, any dairy cheese alternative which can melt from bottom heat would also work)

about a tablespoon of spread

3 tablespoons of potato starch

and about 500ml of coconut milk

add the spread to a saucepan and heat but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn, once all the spread has become a liquid (but without burning) add 3 tablespoon of potato starch (you can uses less , but I like a thicker sauces), once a dough has formed I add the milk slowly and whisk the spread and spread with the milk until combined. Now add the ‘cheese’ and occasionally stirring so it doesn’t stick, at this point I start cooking (if you havn’t got any leftovers )the pasta according to the packet, Once the cheese sauce is gooey you can add it on top of cooked drained pasta. I like to season with peppers (because i love it!).

You can go one step farther and chuck the pasta and cheese sauce in to an oven so it bakes but i wanted the food quicker cos i have a bad cold and am a crabbit lazy rabbit today.!