Gluten free Bread pudding without the bread

This recipe was created because I was on the search for a breakfast sports bar without oats

Preheat the oven to 180oC


4 oz puffed rice

4 oz of smashed up rice cakes

200ml Orange juice

400ml of water

1 1/2oz brown sugar

3 oz marg (dairy free spread)

2 eggs

1 oz of sunflower seed

4 1/2 dried fruit

1 oz trail mix without the banana

you’ll need a food processor for this add the rice cake and puffed cake to the food processor then add the orange juice and water to mixture until it is all soaked up, now add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all up as you go.

once it all mixed up added it to the backing tray and cook for 20- 25min

The cake that came out was nothing like a solid bar more like bread pudding , very nice to eat

Unfortunately I have since learn that I have a problem with puffed rice so this wont be on my list to make again (unless it was a problem with the brand of puffed rice, it will be a while before I try it again)

I posted the recipe up for other to try if they are wanted to try it.