Some pictures

Being busy is never good for Blogs you just can’t find the time to post up idea , Which i have plenty of, here are some pictures I have taken over the last couple of days.

2015-03-17 09.10.27Rhubarb appearing in the garden






2015-03-17 09.10.59

Logan berry (inherited from my grandparents, I think it was a ‘runner’ off the original plant )






2015-03-16 11.43.07

Broadbeans now Hardened off and in situ



2015-03-23 21.22.06Whats a food blog with out chocolate !

One day many years ago!

If you have come by this post via accident (and your not a friend who is really noisy or just took pity on me and decided to read my blog) you might not know how it all happened.

Well this is a small insight (I’ll add more at some point)

So in 2010 , If you had told me that i would run a half marathon , I would have laughed at you, as at that time at 18 stone i struggled to run c25k running plan ! 13.1 miles in 2hr 39mins

fatlinzThis was me in 2010 (18stone!)



halfThis is me now (15/03/2015) after the finish of the Alloa Half Marathon (weighing a lot less!)