Some pictures

Being busy is never good for Blogs you just can’t find the time to post up idea , Which i have plenty of, here are some pictures I have taken over the last couple of days.

2015-03-17 09.10.27Rhubarb appearing in the garden






2015-03-17 09.10.59

Logan berry (inherited from my grandparents, I think it was a ‘runner’ off the original plant )






2015-03-16 11.43.07

Broadbeans now Hardened off and in situ



2015-03-23 21.22.06Whats a food blog with out chocolate !



So these are all the veg seeds that are to be planted in the month of March……. Oops.  I better get sowing (over 50 packets!)


Have you started sowing, has the weather delay you, or have you been training for your next Challenge?

One day many years ago!

If you have come by this post via accident (and your not a friend who is really noisy or just took pity on me and decided to read my blog) you might not know how it all happened.

Well this is a small insight (I’ll add more at some point)

So in 2010 , If you had told me that i would run a half marathon , I would have laughed at you, as at that time at 18 stone i struggled to run c25k running plan ! 13.1 miles in 2hr 39mins

fatlinzThis was me in 2010 (18stone!)



halfThis is me now (15/03/2015) after the finish of the Alloa Half Marathon (weighing a lot less!)

Soups and Seeds event


Today I attended the Soup and Seeds swap in Stirling, It’s run by a great organisation. Wee man R loved it as he got to have a go at making seeds bombs and identifying critters in containers, He also go to look at seed in magnifier and not to mention the Soup and Bread (I think he managed to demolish about 3 slices of the bread)  !






Here are Wee Man R’s seed bombs







2015-03-14 17.41.17

I was also very please as I got to swap some of my seeds I had in my box that I am not going to uses, With some of these seeds pictured to the side.




Slow cooker mince and tatties

Very simple recipe , slowly fry onion (or shallots in this case) in a frying pan . Add the mince to brown . Throw everything in the slow cooker (including the liquid). Also seasoned the mince and onion combo with mixed herb ,pepper and a about half a teaspoon on mild chilly powder


Next I chopped /diced Carrots and Celery


Added them to the pot including 3 tins of chopped tomatoes and 3 tin full of water.


Simmer for about 2 -3 hours on the high setting

Then I add the magic ingredients of 2 tbsp of cornflour to help create a sauce for the mince. On adding the cornflour i find you need to turn the slowcooker to low so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.