About Me and this blog

Not long after my 31th birthday I started to get issues with my stomach and digestive system, thinking it was a food poisoning or a stomach bug and eventually it would pass but it didn’t it stayed with me!

After a while wondered what was doing this, I looked it up on the Internet what possible could be, then the symptoms showed up as food intolerance, then I needed to narrow down what was doing it, wheat/ gluten came to the light of the problem from a food diary , I removed theses to find I was still having problems (different ones now) and discovered it to be dairy.

Gluten remove I can cope with but the dairy had me stumped , so I have created this website too help me and others if they wish to read my experience with my journey as I progress though.

I am waiting blood test to help to get “proper diagnoses”.

I also have a blog with some of my designs for crochetting on so please take a look http://welshsheepinscotland.wordpress.com/



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