Halloween treats

pumpkin catIt’s Halloween if you hadn’t of guess , it the same to make odd shaped in to large pumpkin monsteroversize orange vegetables , but with the shape making ventures you get the pumpkins seed which make very tasty snack in deed, So off i go to find a plan to make harvest and roast these little darling, Off I trawl looking at all my available websites and came up with Real Food. Real Deals website for Savory Roasted Pumpkin seed. I didn’t uses the same ‘spice mix’ but i did uses plenty of salt and pepper a tiny bit of mild chilli and with was washed down with a soya milk hot Chocolate just what the doctor ordered.

The two pictures above are of my creation this year pumpkin cat and Frankenstein pumpkin.

To Help celebrate the season (whether you do Halloween or not) it’s great to embrace the uses of in-season veg which the pumpkin is at this time of the year. Here is a few recipes and idea to help you along and boy, do they look scrummy Pumpkin gluten free search at foodgawker.


URL plans for Christmas food.

Mincemeat muffin

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Cake

Christmas Recipe booklet from juvela.co.uk has a recipe for Stollen , Stuffing. plenty of adaptable recipe other mixes

Bread sauce

Christmas Tree Macaroons

Christmas Yule log

Gluten-Free Lebkuchen

Boo, it preperation time. (2 for 1 deal) Chocolate Victoria sponge and Halloween Cookies

Wednesday is always a busy day for us being a shopping day and also Wooly Wednesday (knitting club) for me, So i have tried to create as many as possible dishes for Wednesday’s Halloween ‘Party’ before hand.

photoSo today creation was Spooky biscuit/cookies and chocolate Victoria Sponge (my Victoria sponge recipe from a previous post) the adapted recipe is a bit lower down in the post.

I’ve still not got the oil to marg/butter ratio correct but they are working (if a little greasing feeling which isn’t coming though in some of the cake/treats)

The spooky biscuits/cookies are adapted from this recipe Halloween Cookies, Scroll down to find the adapted recipes.

Chocolate Victoria sponge, gf!Chocolate Victoria sponge

150g of self raising gf flour Mix (this time i used Dove farm GF self rasing flour)
1 tsp gf baking powder
50g veg oil
110g sugar (this time i used Granulated)
2 eggs
30g of Hot chocolate (use your preferred type/brand)

Preheat oven to 170oC/160oC fan/ 325oF/ gas mark 3

Mix all the ingredients together, I have done it by hand and by machine just depends on the energy levels I have.

If you want a sandwich cake then divide between 2 x 18cm /7cm greases and lined sandwich tins.

Cook until the sponge spring backs when light touched in the centre. Cooking time varies but roughly around 30-35 mins

Place it on a cooling tray. If you have two cakes you can now fill it with your filling, today i used simply just store bough jam.

Halloween Cookies,

Makes 20 small cookies or 8-10 big cookies


Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble… celebrate Halloween with these cookies decorated in a fun, colourful way!

Before you start, pre-heated the oven to 160ºC/Gas Mark 3 and line a baking tray with grease-proof paper.


50g (2oz) Oil
50g (2oz) caster sugar
125g (5oz) GF flour Mix
1 egg


  1. Cream together the oil with the sugar. Stir in the flour Mix and the egg.  Bring together to form a dough.
  2. Sprinkle surface with Mix and knead lightly until smooth. Roll out and cut into the desired shape using a cookie/pastry cutter and place well apart on the baking tray. (I uses a two pieces of cling film to help roll the dough mix out
  3. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10 – 15 minutes (this will depend on thickness of the dough) until golden brown. Allow to cool before moving or adding decorations.

Url links to be added to the blog roll /WIP post

Am gone use this post when am on my mobile devices and i can edit the blog roll but find an interesting link that i think should  be added to my blogroll, or I’ll have a go at making.

Fuelling for exercise

Candy Corn Milkshake

Cashew butter

Vegan Candy

dandelion coffee

vegan cupcake

pumpkin empanadas

slowcooker meatloaf

mushroom soup

Kimbap~ Korean sushi

Butterscotch pudding

Easy Root Vegetable Pancake

GF bread sticks

Gram flour cookies

Dutch waffles ~ would need to be converted to Gluten free.

celiacs-running ~ has a recipe for pancake in it (you need to scroll down a bit to find it)

homemade pizza base

Gluten free pasta

Gluten free haggis
vegan bolognese
tinned tomato soup

Vegan cheese ~the need for cheese!

one thing i miss about going dairy free is cheese ! (sorry, this post could get obsessive)

I will need to have an attempt at making cheese here is just one of the video i have found so far (on you-tube), I am yet to try making this 🙂 , let me know how you get on with them.

More cheese links (dairy free) this time from sweet roots

Baked apple chips

A great snack for the time need a ‘sugar/sweet’ hit

Baked apple Chips

Very simple to make, great to get the kids to help too

I normally cut up a few apples at a time
What you need is

2 – 3 apple
An oven
Cookie sheet/grease proof paper
An oven tray
An oven
A knife

Do not preheat the oven
Cut the the stork and ‘tail‘ out of the apples
Then cut the apples so you have the core parallel to the work surface,photo

one you find the pips just knock them out gently and place the apple slices on the lined oven tray,once the oven tray is full of all the apple slices turn the oven on to 200oc for about 20mins ( I have a fan oven)
so you might need to alter the time/length of cooking), once they are cooked I then leave them in the oven to cold down for about 20mins ( with the oven turned off)

Enjoy you snack

You can add your own seasoning to the apple chips like sugar, cinnamon or anything you like 🙂 , I prefer them plain as I think they are sweet enough for my needs photo